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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Matthew Simmons, R.I.P.

Oil investment banker, Matthew Simmons,
died this week. Simmons was a key voice of warning and truth regarding Peak Oil.

His book, Twilight in the Desert, warned us about the impending peak of Saudi oil.

Check out this slide show from his presentation at the 2009 Association for Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO).

Simmons was part of Dick Cheney's energy committee in 2001. He was an advocate of tapping the ocean for energy. Within the last few weeks he was outspoken regarding the BP oil spill and said some really outlandish things.

However, it can't be more outlandish than the propaganda BP and the government is trying to feed us now. "The water's fine. Come on in!"

Here is a eulogy from The Oil Drum and Michael Ruppert offered a video eulogy here.

Regarding the oil spill check out this one.

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