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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rev Jane Spahr: "Love and Justice Meet Together"

Rev. Jane Spahr is doing justice again.

She is being taken to church court for officiating at 16 weddings for gay couples. Of course, Janie has been on trial before for this type of holy subversive behavior. This time it is different in that these weddings were legal marriages in California before Prop Hate was passed.

Janie, ever hospitable, is inviting everyone to the trial.

Why does she do it?

Spahr says, “To turn my back on the love and life-long commitments of these wonderful couples would have gone against my faith, the ministry where I was called, and most of all, against God’s amazing hospitality and welcome where love and justice meet together.”

Follow Janie on Twitter. Here is she is on MSNBC:


  1. Yay Janie!

    After she's been through so many trials, do the BFTSs at least offer a punch card like at my local coffee shop? Or maybe frequent flyer miles? After all the money they've made off demonizing her for the last 30 years, I think they can afford it.

    In related news, the motion to stay the Prop 8 decision pending appeal has just been denied. Enforcement of Prop 8 will cease on August 18th, so Janie will have the opportunity to officiate at many more weddings.

    Woo hoo!

    And for the first time, a recent CNN poll shows a majority of Americans (52%) approve of same-sex marriage.

    Once again the PCUSA follows instead of leads, but even the frozen chosen will catch up eventually.

  2. She should at least receive a free case of Gideon Bibles.

  3. Janie, we love you and our hearts and prayers are with you, even if we can't be present for your grace-filled testimony and witness at the trial. May the love of Christ sustain us all!