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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Unrepentant Cowboy

I have a favorite new blog, The Unrepentant Cowboy.

He is Don Ford of Belmont, TX. This is his description:
Rancher, farmer, horseman, writer. Ex-convict. Former marijuana smuggler. Aspire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Don't always succeed. The Jesus I believe in was an outlaw. So hated, he received the death penalty. I don't like organized religion, so don't try to save me. Jesus and Mohammed both worshipped the same God; both would abhor what's being done in their name today.
Here is his latest blog entry about his corn harvest.
There’s a reason farmers use chemicals and genetically modified grains. People want cheap food. Farmers want to make money growing food. Oh, you’ll hear talk about organic this and that or natural this or that. Bottom line: at least 95 out of every 100 dollars worth of food sold in this country is produced by industrial agriculturalists. You cannot grow good wholesome food for those prices. Period. Every goddamned advance in efficiency or productivity over the years has been met with a price cut in the value of the commodity produced....

....But we will have sacks of corn. And it will be good corn. My horses will eat it. So will my chickens, goats and milk cows. And so will I, good Lord willing.
Good stuff over there for the changes that are in the wind.


  1. What a breath of fresh air! Thanks for the tip.

  2. "Former marijuana smuggler."

    Alas, the "former" part is a real bummer. But I thank the gentleman for all of his past efforts and his sacrifice in the name of freedom.

  3. Thanks, John for the lead. Love his
    "straight" forwardness!

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  5. Cowboy also has some valuable insight concerning the Mexican drug wars and it's a lot more accurate than the MSM.