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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyond Ex-Gay

Now this is one powerful story. I wish every LGBT young person and friend and family member of an LGBT person in North East Tennessee could see this video.

This is Peterson Toscano, Ex-Gay Survivor. He shares his reasons why he spent 17 years and $30,000 trying to change who he is.


Check the FAQs!

Might as well give a plug. PFLAG Tri-Cities exists for support, education, and advocacy. Join us!

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  1. Wow. Powerful, indeed! I remember this gentleman from that documentary we saw at the SOAFF last fall - he was the bright spot in the film for me. How wonderful that he has been able to articulate the muddled mess of reasons people will give a gay child, friend, or colleague for lying, and the one pure reason for being true to who one is.

    He IS the role model he was looking for.

  2. Just a remember that the PCUSA GA passed an overture regarding so-called reparative therapy back in '99 (I was an overture advocate for the Detroit version of the overture.)

    "No church should insist that gay and
    lesbian people need therapy to change their orientation, nor should it inhibit or discourage those who are unhappy with or confused about their sexual orientation from seeking therapy they
    believe would be helpful. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) affirms that medical treatment, psychological therapy, and pastoral counseling should conform to recognized professional

    The key part there is the last phrase "recognized professional standards" since no professional organization affirms the efficacy of so-called reparative therapy, the effect is that the PCUSA is officially against such snake oil.

  3. that would be a "reminder", not a "remember". :)

  4. Alan,

    Thank you for reminding us that the PCUSA is not what the fundies among it want to claim it is.

  5. BTW, I just read today that one of the few case studies of so-called "reparative" therapies, by Masters and Johnson is now believed to be a fraud.

    Reported in Scientific American:

  6. Thanks John. We just returned from a visit with our daughter who is currently losing the battle with her demons. We'll continue the battle for equal inclusion of all of God's people, as He created them.