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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

San Francisco? No? Say It Ain't So!

This is an embarrassment. The presbytery of San Francisco
  • Home of the PCUSA moderator...
  • Home of out candidate, Lisa Larges...
  • Home of the Covenant Network...
  • Home of Jack Rogers...
  • And well it's freaking San Francisco...
voted No on amendment B last night 167-177. San Francisco has the honor of being the only presbytery to switch from equality to inequality in this year's voting. Last time the vote was 216-186. That means 40 commissioners decided they had better things to do than to show up for the meeting.

Looks to me like they took it for granted while the opposition organized.

So three for four yesterday, Salem and Wabash Valley flipped for equality and National Capital held. The score is 66-86. The darn thing is over for this year. We know it. But man, have some pride.

Thanks to all those who did show up, vote, and speak!

[Note: I have been informed that Jack Rogers is a member of a different presbytery. My bad.]


  1. i had a bad feeling about this... i guess i shouldn't have moved to TN!! (or at least been allowed to vote by proxy, since i'm still a member of SFP) SF has always been very close to 50-50 on many votes over the years. This shows it all comes down to 'getting out the vote!' Well, on to the next GA!

  2. Yeah, this shocked me too, John, but as I said on Twitter, "I may not get there with you, but day by day, slowly but surely, the PCUSA will be an inclusive church."

  3. Rob! You won't be a member of your new presbytery in time for your vote?

    San Francisco is a funny presbytery all right. Is it a city vs. suburbs thing?

    Fred, you are right. I will be posting about this as time goes on, but amendment b was a huge victory for the equality movement even as the presbytery count loses.

    A lot happened this year. The tide is turning quickly all over the country.

  4. I wonder what will happen on Sunday if none of the Fabulous Brigade show up at church in protest?

    In general, I am not a fan of withholding pledges because of disagreements with the church--but I might make a one-week exception in this case...


  5. well, if strange things like that can happen, then maybe there *is* hope for Utah to vote the right way, eh? hahahahahaha

  6. According to Lisa Larges, there was a conference at the same time, taking some supporters away from the meeting. Our side needed every last vote.

    And, yes, it is a city-suburb thing in San Francisco Presbytery--City churches are all supportive, while more suburban churches, especially large, affluent suburban churches, are more opposed. Ironic is the fact that this meeting was held at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church, the church where Mary Griffiths ("Prayers for Bobby") attended.

    Finally, Jack Rogers is a member of San Gabriel Presbytery. His SFTS involvement is with the Southern California campus, now in Pasadena.

  7. Thanks Sonnie for that and for the correction on Jack Rogers.

  8. Brooke,

    It depends on organization and getting people to the meeting. I hope the good folks in Utah vote for equality. They have in the past.

    This is a good wake up call about assumptions.

  9. I have always found it interesting that when orthodox reformed theology wins a vote it is a matter of "getting the vote out". When the liberals, psudo-reformers, win it's a blow for justice.

    Sort of like the old cold-war line, We have counter-intelligence agents, THEY have spies...

    Portland OR

  10. Such is the word from one who is too holy for the PCUSA and has left it and us in our sinful despair.

  11. I just calls it like I sees it.

    BTW any holiness that comes about is 100%, purely and totally the work of Jesus the Christ. I am a sinner saved by Grace not leftest politics.

    Still from Portland OR

  12. Yeah, because your side doesn't ever spin things, Alan? LOL. Call me when the shuttle lands. You ever read a little tabloid called The Layman?

    Alan (the Orthodox one)
    Chelsea MI

  13. "I am a sinner saved by Grace not leftest politics."

    Dude, then act like it!


    That's a surprising result for San Francisco. But then again, California voted for Proposition 8 as well last November.

    Not sure what is going on, except the level of education in California has dropped off significantly since Proposition 13 (the tax revolt), and less educated people are more likely to vote against equality than more educated people.

    At least that's what the poles say.

    (goes with "What's the matter with Kansas?)

  14. Red Alan said "when orthodox reformed theology wins a vote it is a matter of "getting the vote out". When the liberals, psudo-reformers, win it's a blow for justice."Yep. Because for the progressives it is about justice, while the others so often think it is about just us.