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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Different Gods

Michael Adee of More Light Presbyterians provides a commentary on the vote last night by San Francisco Presbytery, DeJa' Vu? Only "flip" loss, San Francisco Presbytery, & Prayers for Bobby.

Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church hosted the presbytery and the vote. This is the church Mary Griffith attended (whose true story is told in the book and film Prayers For Bobby).

Michael writes:

Back on January 23, when I was encouraging people to see the film "Prayers for Bobby," I had no idea that San Francisco Presbytery would be meeting at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church for its April 21 meeting which would include consideration of Amendment 08-B. The significance of this history and location is not lost on those of us working to eradicate homophobia and create equality in both Church and society.

While Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church might not be the same church it was in the 1980's, continued and current opposition to LGBT persons following God's call to serve is illustrated by its public solicitation of funding the judicial appeal to defeat San Francisco Presbytery's ruling in favor of Lisa Larges' ordination.

It is not possible to separate out God's call to serve from full participation and membership in the Presbyterian Church (USA). This, in addition to the promises we make to children and parents at baptism. Walnut Creek's work to keep Lisa and other faithful, gifted and qualified LGBT persons from ministry can be found at the church's website:
The film, Prayers for Bobby, is playing on Lifetime. Here is the overview:
When Mary Griffith finds that her son Bobby is gay, she becomes convinced that he could be cured of what she sees as his sin, while the rest of their family comes to terms with his sexual orientation. Desperate for his mother's approval, Bobby steps up his prayers and church activities, while becoming increasingly depressed because of his mother's and her Presbyterian Church's disapproval of homosexuality. Eventually Bobby commits suicide, prompting Mary to reflect on her son's life and accept his sexual orientation.
Watch this video excerpt with Mary Griffith and read her story:

"My faith did not change only in the sense that I realized it was not the same God. There were two different gods as I look back on my dealings with Bobby...if I had known this God it would have probably turned out different."--Mary Griffith
Two different gods.


  1. John, your video link may be broken. I couldn't see anything in the space you created for it.

  2. Try it again? I can see it. I have also made a hyperlink to the video excerpt on the website. Find the Mary Griffith link there.