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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Equality is Here

It is hard to keep up with all the news regarding LGBT equality. From Now! Hampshire:

The Democratic controlled New Hampshire Senate passed an amended version of the controversial measure to legalize gay marriage today. The vote was 13-11 in favor of the measure.

The House passed a similar measure last month by a 186-179 vote. The two chambers must reconcile small changes between the two measures in a conference committee but this is seen as a technicality.


PFLAG applauds today’s vote, in the House of Representatives, approving The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which would add sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability status to the federal hate crimes statute. The House approved the measure by a vote of 249 to 175, and similar legislation was introduced on Tuesday in the Senate. President Obama has expressed his strong support for the bill, and urged lawmakers to support it.

From CBS News:
Forty-two percent of Americans now say same sex couples should be allowed to legally marry, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. That's up nine points from last month, when 33 percent supported legalizing same sex marriage.
Up nine points since last month!!!

Meanwhile the Presbyterian Church, well...

Frankly, I do not want to hear it from any allies that you are skittish about acting confidently and decisively in removing G-6.0106busybody from our constitution. It is way past time. No more conversation is needed. We need to flood the General Assembly with delete/change G-6 resolutions.

That is not all. We need resolutions to recognize equality of marriage in the PCUSA and for a liturgy suitable for both same gender and opposite gender couples.

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  1. I honestly didn't expect that from the New Hampsters. There's a lot of Zeroes up there.
    One state at a time, gays. One state at a time and you'll win.