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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Tale of Three Presbyteries

UPDATE! 10:08 pm

I thought they weren't going to vote, but New Brunswick voted and with flair, 88-10-3 in favor of Amendment A. So three YES votes today!!

Score? 65-44. Or maybe 65-43. Little unclear on that.

Here is the updated post!

Three presbyteries voted today.
Three presbyteries voted YES.

Transylvania a solid YES, 78-48.
Eastminster a nail-biter, YES 46-45.
New Brunswick a strong YES, 88-10-3.

Eastminster skidded in the wrong direction. That should have been an easy win as last time it had voted in favor of equality 60-39. This is a good reminder that every vote counts and that no presbytery can be taken for granted. We were lucky.

But a YES is a YES!

The score is 65-44.

Twenty-two more YESes to get to 87.

Thanks to all who worked hard in Transylvania, Eastminster and New Brunswick!

A good day!

Three presbyteries voted today.
Three presbyteries voted YES.


  1. I attended the Meetings and Worship Committee of Philadelphia Presbytery today and said that the debate on 10-A should be brief because the amendment is going to pass. It doesn't matter if Philadelphia Presbytery flips. The amendment will pass so why spend a lot of time talking about it? People don't seem to want to hear that.

    Conservatives and Evangelicals (not always the same people) need to move on to talking about how they are going to live and operate in the new reality.

  2. Well Bob Campbell, I am not counting my chickens yet. We have to pass it then I'll talk about what happens with folks, like yourself, who are disappointed with the results.

  3. Gee Bob, I've seen plenty of talk from conservatives and/or evangelicals recently about how they're going to live and operate in the new reality. They use words like "apostate", "demons", and "monstrosity".

    Maybe you missed it. I'm sure they'd welcome your input. ;)

  4. Not to mention my personal favorite, "Deathly ill"

    Close runners up include "creeping universalism" and "biblical drift".

    But plain old "heresy" makes me feel all warm and welcome inside.

    CovNet said the vote for New Brunswick was actually 88-23-11 for those keeping tallies.

  5. Woops, I didn't catch that correction. It doesn't change the projections though. Still projecting 94-79.

    My favorite is "deathly ill" too.

    It's the FELLOWSHIP!!! (cue ominous sound effects) Dum Dum Dummmmmmm

  6. Bob,
    The Conservatives and the Evangelicals WERE living in their new reality. We're just puting it back the way it was (mostly). Wow, Progressives acting like Conservatives, it must be the end of the world.