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Monday, January 04, 2010

Fox News or 700 Club?

One of the true believers posted this. I thought of Brit Hume as a dreary fellow, but he is a religious proselytizer as well. He says of Tiger Woods:
He's said to be a Buddhist; I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So my message to Tiger would be, 'Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.'"

Proving yet again that Fox News is the leading edge of gauche.


  1. Great. Another dreary proselytizer. Just what this country needs. Yawn.

  2. 700 Club and FOX.

    Both equally dangerous to Christianity.

    The humor in this is that Brit Hume (Brit is still a girly name) is about as Christian as Anton LaVey.
    Claims to be "Episcopalian" but lies through his teeth and practices deception on a daily basis for a pay check.

    Being employed by Rupert Murdoch is far greater sin than Tiger's adultery.

  3. I'm really glad they're so completely unbiased. I wish all news stations would follow their example.


  4. So the message here is, "Be a Christian, Tiger, then you can hike the Appalachian Trail and be forgiven too?"

  5. A few years ago I accompanied my M-I-L, who lives in a small town, to Sunday services at her Southern Baptist church. It was Mother's Day so naturally the topic of abortion came up in the Sunday message (?? guess that's how Baptists do it, what do I know, I'm Presbyterian) and then after the abortion talk the pastor gave the Christianity pep talk about how ONLY Jesus offers hope and salvation etc. etc. "Buddha doesn't offer that. Mohammed doesn't offer that," I remember him saying. I thought, man, you must have been asleep in World Religions class.

  6. I thought, man, you must have been asleep in World Religions class.

    "World Religions class" consists of learning how "wrong" the others are.

    I grew up in the kind of church you are describing and heard that on a regular basis.

  7. Oh my gosh... I felt the bile rise on hearing that one....

  8. I wonder if somebody like Chris Matthews would have somebody on Hardball like John Dominic Crossan to counter the crap?

    He did wonder on his show last night when he skewered Brit Hume where the "progressive and liberal Christians are" on the issue of having been "hijacked" (his word) by the right wing.

    The problem is, ALL media, not just Fox News, thinks "Christianity" is what Hume says it is.

    When was the last time your local newspaper published a religion column on Saturday that was NOT from the right wing? Unless of course they publish John Shuck -- in which case, I withdraw my media tar brush from Elizabethton TN.

    As for Martinsburg, WV, I did manage to get myself accepted as a "community columnist" for 2010. I'll be writing mostly local political commentary, but intend to propose they include me among their "religious" commentators after this year is finished.

    We shall see.

  9. Well, at least we finally know why adultery is so common amongst conservatives -- cheap grace.

    Glad they cleared that one up for us.