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Thursday, January 07, 2010

We Love Jesus Yes We DO!

The BCS championship kicks off in a few minutes. I cannot think of two teams I care about less. Not that I don't like them, they just aren't on this Montana boy's radar.

Jesus cares.

The big game tonight will determine who loves Jesus more, Alabama or Texas.

I know Alabama is a hot spot state of fundamentalism, but Texas appears to blow the Horn of Salvation most loudly.

Check this:

Not just a handful of players or even a large group. If the season-long tradition continues, each and every member of Texas’ team will trot into the end zone and bow their heads a few moments toward kickoff.
We will find out if that works for them and if Jesus will return the love with a victory for God's state 'o Texas.

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  1. Heh,

    The mentality of people that actually believe that divine intervention applies to something as irrelevant as the outcome of a sporting event...

    Jeeze, kinda hard to find words to describe it. Even for me.