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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Marc Adams Next Thursday at PFLAG Tri-Cities!

We are excited to welcome Marc Adams to the Tri-Cities. He is going to speak at our 7 p.m. meeting, January 21st at ETSU. We will meet in #413 Warf-Pickel. Hope to see you. Check his Facebook page for details:

Growing up the son of a fundamentalist Baptist minister is tough enough. Growing up gay in an environment where your parents, teachers and peers deem evangelical Christians like Jerry Falwell as left wing liberals is an entirely different experience.

Marc Adams grew up in such a home. In an effort to save his own life, he decided at age 16 to rebel against his parents and attend Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University where he thought he could find a way to change his behavior from homosexual to heterosexual. His experience there changed his life and jump started his journey to self acceptance and personal freedom.

Marc Adams is the author of nine books including The Preacher‘s Son and Do’s & Don‘ts of Dealing with the Religious Right. His new books is titled, "It's Not About You: Understanding Coming Out & Self Acceptance. He is a widely respected authority on subjects ranging from fundamentalism, the religious right, gay civil rights as well as his ground breaking work with his own nonprofit, HeartStrong. HeartStrong is a social justice organization providing hope and help to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students who are persecuted in religious educational institutions.

Marc Adams’ presentation covers an often dark side of life. He bridges the serious discussion with humor and all-encompassing human compassion. People from all walks of life who have heard Marc Adams speak find themselves enlightened, uplifted and inspired.
Here is his web page. It is open to the public.

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