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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Go. All. The. Way

Thanks to the Friars for linking to this article in the Washington Post about the death of Mary Daly. Susan Brooks-Thistlethwaite recounted this memory of the sinning feminist:

I used to talk with Mary Daly in Boston as we lived in the same neighborhood and had our cars repaired at the same garage. She once said to me, in a critical tone, "they'll punish you just as much for being a little bit of a feminist as going all the way."
That is the truth. It applies to more than just feminism.

Moral? Sin big, baby.

Go for justice all the way.

Thanks, Mary.

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  1. Thanks for posting this news. I can't get the Washington Post (to which I became addicted when I lived in D.C.) except on Sundays.

    Here's a quote from her Wickedary of the English Language (the only interpolation in the quote that is from Sea Raven is reference to Dick Cheney):

    "real presence ["the doctrine that Christ is actually present in the Eucharist" -- Webster's] 1: the real absence of christ in the eucharist 2: the vacuum created by the appearance of VIPs on television and in the flesh 3: the "presence" of power, brains, beauty, charm, etc. in the consumer products of the phallotechnic establishment: presence of absence. Canny Comment: "If Nixon [or Dick Cheney] is alone in a room, is anybody there?"