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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Leisure Suit High School

One of my high school classmates has put up a website for our upcoming 30th anniversary reunion. She is asking folks to update their profiles.

Aarrggghhh! Not the yearbook photo!

Here I am pimped-out in my leisure suit for my senior picture.

The thing is I don't think I ever looked like that except on the day I had my picture taken. Usually, I sported some sort of mullet.

Embarrassing days.

The website is clever with all kinds of 1980 memories.

A lot of things happened in 1980 including the start of the Iran-Iraq War, the election of Ronald Reagan, the murder of John Lennon, the eruption of Mount St. Helens, and the first official sighting of Elvis Presley on March 20th in, yes, Butte, Montana!

Guess I should do my duty. If you are member of
the Butte Central High School class of 1980 then go update your profile, classmate!


  1. I hope you at least cleaned that suit before you gave it back to your dad.

  2. The sad part is that I bought it new from JC Penney. Only suit for a long time. Even wore it to my first job interview! Glad it was for a country music radio station!

  3. And I wore plaid bell bottoms and platform shoes. It was a very weird sartorial time.

    Replace the picture soon! A good Hawaiian shirt pic like the one you have on this site would be nice.

  4. We were all victims of our teenaged years. With me it was the "semi-diesel dyke" look with T-shirts and Monkey Ward painter's pants. There are no pictures, so I can deny it if it comes up.

  5. as a young person who missed those years I just have to say..


    LOL, you look good though! :D

  6. Much nicer than a fake Afro and a Daishiki . . .

    Sea Raven, Class of 1967 . . . oops, that was college.

    Much nicer than a Beatles bowl cut and a really skinny tie . . .

    Sea Raven, Class of 1963.

  7. I realize that your post only refers to the "mullet", but that is one of my favorite subjects. The mullet is the best haircut of all time!!! If it didn't require periodic maintenance I might still sport one myself. I remember the first time I saw a mullet in the early 80's adorning the cranium of an Italian tourist in Juneau, Alaska. I thought to myself, "Say, I need to get me one of them!" Of course my hair has a texture and substance somewhere between steel wool and corn straw, so I could never acheive the sublime beauty of the perfect mullet as acheived by Billy Ray Cyrus or Joe Dirt. Oh well...

    Yeah, I need to get a photo or two to 'flesh out' my cyber presence. Until then just imagine me as being better looking and with the clear appearance of remarkable inteligence than reality as conveyed via a photographic image would reveal.

    Years ago one of my second cousins, who was about 5 or 6 at the time, let the cat out of the bag when she said. "Mommy says that you're smarter than you look." Ah, the refreshing truth and candor of the very young! I guess I'll just have to take that as a compliment. LOL!

  8. Did you see that Dr. Monkerstein?

    The mullet is the best haircut of all time!!!

    So there to you and your national day of prayer for Sarah Palin's mullet!

  9. I had an accidental mullet one time. Never went to Cost Cutters again.

  10. The Accidental Mullet

    I think I have seen that film.

  11. I was hoping we could use that name in place of "LIturgical String Band". What do you think?