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Friday, September 24, 2010

I Am the Most Blatant, Obvious Heretic!!

What do I have to do to lose respect around here?

I am the royal prince of heretics. I have unabashedly spouted my dastardly views all over the web. Then along comes Landon. Gets himself elected vice-moderator of the denomination. Does an interview saying something about some bizarre Latin phrase and I lose my title.

It just isn't right.

Why have heresy proceedings not begun against this so-called vice moderator of the General Assembly? His statements are counter to everything our Christian faith adheres to and believes. Will someone please tell me why this hasn’t happened and if not, will it happen? I have hoped that the Holston Presbytery would do the same in the case of John Shuck, but this Whitsitt case is about as clear a case of heresy as we have ever seen. Where is our courage? Down through the centuries martyrs have died for their faith. Are we not willing to stand up and defend it as faithfully has they did? If not, shame on us as Christians and Presbyterians.
Rev. Patricia Slomanski
Benson, N.C.
Yeah, Rev. Patricia. Shame on you. Get on now and whup that Whitsitt. Let him know the truth! The Bible is the only book God ever wrote. Can I hear a hallelujah?


  1. There you are, catchin' the bouquet again, instead o' throwin' it.


  2. You could offer to light the um ... wood ... under the cross she's tied herself to . . .

    I started to type in the medieval word for the sticks used to burn people at the stake, but it's been so misused . . .

  3. Why do so many conservatives define themselves by the things they are against?

    The party of "no".

    But in my book, John, you are the greater heretic. Nevertheless, I would still love you even if you became a slacker. Nobody can stay at the top of their game forever.

  4. Nevertheless, I would still love you even if you became a slacker. Nobody can stay at the top of their game forever.

    : )

    That is good wisdom to live by!

  5. In the same batch of letters from the LayMAN was one that actually made sense:

    What I find most surprising about Vice-Moderator Landon Whitsitt’s declaration that the Bible is not the Word of God (with a capital W) is that so many are surprised by it. Rev. Whitsitt’s comments echo our Confession of 1967: “The one sufficient revelation of God is Jesus Christ, the Word of God Incarnate, to whom the Holy Spirit bears witness through the Holy Scriptures, which are received and obeyed as the word (no capital W) of God written.” (9.27, editorial note mine)

    Please forgive my oversimplification, but this is a commonly-accepted tenet of Neo-Orthodox theology: that Jesus is the Word of God and Scripture is the unique and authoritative witness to Him. This belief is shared by many pastors in our denomination who have learned it in our seminaries. Rather than criticizing a denominational leader for espousing such a widely-held view, perhaps we should be looking more critically at what the next generations of our pastors are being taught.
    Rev. David M. Demarest
    Bridgeport, Ohio

    Exactly. However, it isn't just what the seminaries are teaching. They are teaching higher criticism if they have any hope of having any integrity.

    What Demarest is quoting is a CONFESSIONAL document. That is what the PC(USA) [not seminaries] believes.

    Heresy hunters should look in the mirror.

  6. Once again we see that those who call themselves orthodox:

    1) Don't actually know what that means, and
    2) Aren't actually orthodox themselves.

    Clearly they missed a few confirmation classes.

  7. The great irony in all of this is that the Vice Moderator, if you read what he actually says, is making a comment on the refusal of Biblical authority today. Much ado about nothing!

    John you are still the bull moose heretic! (All you literary types please notice the reference to "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest."