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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peak Oil: How It Will Change Your Life

Tonight's midnight movie is a presentation by Richard Heinberg. This presentation is four years old.

Still, it is an excellent introduction to Peak Oil. You will also be interested in the Peak Oil Primer that offers a few basics and some films to see.

Heinberg is the author of the book with my favorite title,

The Party's Over.

He has written other important ones too. I have read most of them as I am rather interested in this topic.
Do you ever wonder how our future might play out?
  1. Will it be a sudden crash or a long, slow decline?
  2. More importantly, will humans rise to the occasion or will we suck?
  3. Most importantly, will we embrace the possibilities and experience joy?
I'm for option three. I am frightened and thrilled to be alive. How about you?

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