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Friday, September 24, 2010

What to do about Peak Oil? Why Sing!

No midnight movie tonight. Instead a little song and dance. This is Kris Can (great website!) with a song about Peak Oil. We aren't going to get through this without creativity and a light heart!

Here it comes

Oops! There it goes

When we’ll find out – nobody knows
That sweet black oil bubblin up from the ground

Has a short ass lifespan
and we’ve no other plan

To move our cars and grow our food

To heat our homes

Without that crude

Peak oil Peak oil Peak oil

Why are we still thinking
nothing is ever going to change

Technology won’t save us,
but that ain’t so strange
Considering all the oil it takes to produce

All the objects we take for granted,
even our freaking juice
So we keep on growing the corn

While killing our fertile soil

Hoping to find the fuel

To keep us from more turmoil

We keep on gassing our SUVs

While the oil wars wage overseas
Waiting for others to fix this thing

Is time misspent

It’s time to grow our things
Take this time to find out

Don’t rely on the mass media’s doubt

Learn how to get involved

Don’t wait for our planet to evolve
We’ve got a few years left to make things straight

Don’t let our apathy become our fate

Start with your lawn and plant some seeds
Grow your food to see how it feeds

Without the oil we can all get along

Make sure your community is healthy and strong

We might be going back in time

To a world we thought we’d left behind
Big changes are coming

Be prepared

But don’t get frightened

Don’t get scared
We need you strong

We’ll need your smarts

So reach down deep inside your hearts

And spread the word that we need to change
Then maybe peak oil won’t be so strange
- Words and Music by Kris Can

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