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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Test the Waters

This Saturday (eek! September 11th!) we are going to offer another Test the Waters.

This is an opportunity to learn about our
little congregation in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Check here for the details.

You will get a tour. Meet some fine folks. Enjoy a free lunch. Childcare will be provided. Come at ten o'clock and we will be finished by one.

We don't have membership or indoctrination classes. This is about it. If you like what we are doing, join us, participate to whatever degree you feel comfortable. You don't have to believe stuff or not believe stuff.

If you want to know to what we generally say, "Yeah, OK, that sounds about right, I guess," then see our Progressive Christianity link on the webpage.

Test the Waters!

We think you will like them!


  1. Best o' luck to you. I hope many church inclined people discover you and your church.

  2. Dr., thank you. I really appreciate that especially as I know (and value) your views!