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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peak Oil--Adapting for Big Changes Ahead

Here is your midnight movie. This is from the television show, Peak Moment, a television show dedicated to Peak Oil and responding positively to the changes we are facing.

In this program, host Janaia Donaldson interviews the co-editor of The Energy Bulletin, Bart Anderson.

I appreciated this interview very much. The preparation we need is largely psychological and emotional. We will figure out what we need to do when we need to, but now is the time to become aware and informed.


  1. John, Thanks for posting our Peak Moment conversation with Bart Anderson. I hope your readers will watch other conversations, at or my blog about people we're videotaping (

    I'm not sure we have the luxury of much time to make changes needed by peak oil, peak resources: infrastructual needs take about 20 years to adapt to new energy sources. There is nothing that can replace oil, now in terminal decline, in that timeframe.

    The time for action really is NOW -- to relocalize your community. That's what most of the Peak Moment show are about.

    Janaia (host of Peak Moment TV).

  2. Janaia, thank you for the comment and for the important show!