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Sunday, February 04, 2007

ETSU to Celebrate Black History Month

February is Black History Month and there are several activities scheduled at East Tennessee State University. published this article:

February is Black History Month and East Tennessee State University will honor its cultural diversity with events including a theatrical production, formal dance and lecture series.

“It was very important to do this,” said Lea Brown, of the ETSU Black Faculty and Staff Association. “It’s a good example of how we create a diverse campus environment.”

Brown, who has been at the university for 12 years, said she’s seen an evolution in both student and community participation during that time. However, she’d like to see celebrations expand beyond campus boundaries.

“I would love to see more citywide events,” Brown said. “I would like for it to carry over the whole Tri-Cities.”

The following events are scheduled at East Tennessee State University. Read More


  1. WE should all be celebrating Black History month and learning about at least one prominent black figure or the American history with Black people - I count it a blessing from God's own hand to be able to know this stuff.

    Prominent figures might include - King Jr, Ali, Malcolm X, Fredrick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama (not Osama), Huey P Newton and Bobby Seales, Bob Marley, Desmond Tutu, and their are so many others my mind is spinning.

  2. Tom Holmes of the ETSU English department is a wonderful resource for African American literature and pop culture. He has good command of most components of the Black Arts Movement, and would probably be an engaging speaker if you can get him. He also presented a class called Christianity in Film through the film-studies department and was thinking of offering expanded selections.