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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nine Drummers Drumming

The First Presbyterian Liturgical Drummers gathered worshipers on Evolution Sunday. Click the pic to see and hear them on YouTube. (Turn it up!) Last Fall, our drummers made their own traditional African drums. We will provide another opportunity for folks to make a drum and learn to play it this year. We can expect more drumming in worship at First Pres! On Sunday, our liturgical drummers gathered us to worship with a traditional African piece entitled, Moribayassa:

"If a woman has a really big problem, such as illness in the family or childlessness, when she has exhausted all other resources, as her last hope she takes a vow: 'When this huge difficulty is over, I will dance Moribayassa.' Between this decision and the dance, years may pass.

For this dance, the woman dresses and shows herself in a way that she normally would never dare to do; she wears old, torn clothes, shows her naked legs, and behaves like a crazy woman who is allowed to break all taboos.

In this way, she circles the village three or seven times, singing and dancing, accompanied by one or more musicians. The women of the village follow her and sing, too.

After that, the dancer changes her clothes and buries the old rags under a mango tree."

--from A Life for the Djembe by Mamady Keita.

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