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Friday, April 20, 2007

More on Dem Bones

If you haven't purchased James Tabor's Jesus Dynasty, well now is the time. His paperback version is out and you should get it instead. Even if you have purchased the hard copy, you will want his latest. He includes a lot of new information about the Talpiot Tomb. I posted a book review here.

His blog is loads of fun. His latest post addresses the latest "news" regarding scholars supposedly backtracking from their positions as broadcast in the Discovery Channel's documentary.

By the way, I just received in the mail the Discovery Channel's documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus and will show it in the near future at First Presbyterian of Elizabethton along with some of my own (albeit feeble) analysis. You can go to our web page and see a powerpoint I delivered to our adult forum about this issue.


  1. That's extremely interesting. :)

    The Fundis have problems with this Tomb issue because in their simple-minded world, they have to attach some kind of pathology to everything about Jesus.

    They think he meant "follow my body" when he actually meant "follow my example".
    I think it was Longfellow (could be wrong) that once said "The best kind of sermon one can witness is one that's seen and not heard. For that which tends to escape the ear, the eye will often catch".
    This was the basis of Christ's ministry. He set an example of Love , Respect and tolerance of others.

    They think he ascended in carbon-based form when He continually explained throughout the gospel to us that the matter of salvation and Zen with God is spiritual in nature and not physical.

    It's all about the Spirit, but much like Atheists, Fundamentalist "Christians" can't dig into something unless there's some kind of material representation. Hence the "if this car is empty we've been raptured" mentality.

    Jesus, these people destroy our faith's credibility faster than we can sow it.

    Peace, John!