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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Author Del Brown Comments

The author of the book, What Does a Progressive Christian Believe? commented on the post I gave to this book. I want to make sure his comment doesn't get lost, so here it is:

John, thank you for setting aside your discomfort with the title long enough to read my book. Thanks even more for the review (forwarded to me by a friend). As you quickly gathered from the Preface, by "a" progressive Christian I meant "this one, the author," but that was not clear from the title alone, I know.

You and your readers might be interested in the discussion of the book forthcoming shortly in the March/April issue of The Progressive Christian.

Thank you, too, for your progressive Christian leadership where it counts. You and your colleagues in parishes are the ones making the difference. I hope some of the rest of us help out a little, even those of us from places like Berkeley!

By the way, are you acquainted with SPAFER (see my Preface), centered in Birmingham but drawing from all over the South?

With much appreciation,

Del Brown

I owe Dr. Brown an apology for misreading the title! I thank him for a marvelous book. It is a good book to remind readers now after we have finished our Easter poll.

Here is the webpage for SPAFER. I am familiar with this organization but I haven't attended any events yet. I hope to in the near future.

Here is an upcoming Fall event on their calendar:
Hal Taussig has agreed to join us next fall September 26-27. Please mark your calendars. The subject will be announced later. Speakers for the spring are under consideration.
I am glad I noticed that so I don't schedule our Jesus Seminar on the Road on the same weekend.

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