Shuck and Jive

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Peace Demonstration Today

We hit the sidewalk on Roan and Mountcastle in Johnson City for our peace demonstration. I passed out fliers for Creating a Culture of Peace.

I didn't bring my camera but Dr. Monkey did. Here is a picture of Mrs. Dr. Monkey with a great sign!

Dr. M. promises more pics and a report soon.

I love these things. Beautiful day. A lot of friendly honks. A few folks who disagreed. We have to keep talking and keep urging the networks to put the war on the news.

  • Nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers dead.

It is time to come home, and work with the world community for a lasting peace.


  1. A blessed Easter to you, ((John.))

    And, thank you for all your good work for peace. I've had a step-son serve in Iraq, two other sons in the military reserves, so my thoughts are very mixed about the war, and our continued involvement there. May the Lord help me to sort it all out.


  2. Grace -

    I can certainly understand your mixed feelings about having loved ones in a war - like everyone in this situation, you want them to be safe while they are there. We who do not approve of this war want the same thing, but more so, we want them to be safe when they come home. All too often, war turns beautiful people into people they never would have wanted to become. And they cannot change back once the war is over.

    This is true for the Sunni who sends a child out to stand before a US cavalcade as well as the soldier who must decide whether to stop for that child and put his troops in grave danger, or not stop for that child. It happens.

    None of these people want to make those decisions, yet they are forced to, since they are put in this situation.

    This is why it is so very important to be absolutely certain that, when our governemnt forces good people to make such decisions, it is because there is ABSOLUTELY NO ALTERNATIVE.

    So, in sorting out your mixed feelings, perhaps the primary question might be "Was there an alternative?"

    I hope that helps.