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Monday, March 10, 2008

Non-Violence When The Need Is Close to Home

We completed our first Creating a Culture of Peace workshop yesterday. You may wonder what in the world did they do? Here is a post from People Power Granny who offered some of her reflections after participating in this retreat.

She offers the following situation from her life and asks how does one respond non-violently?

I'm stealing from my journaling for the training today and want to share with you some thoughts I have on the following situation that has been so familiar in my life experience. Here it is:

Most of us have had a bad day and then expressed our frustration over a relatively minor situation at home. Think of a time when this went badly. Here is an example: You've had a very bad day at work. When you come home, you find that the dishes your partner promised he would do are still dirty. You start yelling, "You're so irresponsible: I can't count on you for anything. Why am I the one who always has to do everything around here? You are such a slob!"

Sound familiar?
Read the rest of her post to find more of her reflections on this and other issues that make us feel, well, less than non-violent, and what we can do about it.

The Creating a Culture of Peace workshop is about this kind of thing.

Thanks to WCYB for a very nice story both on their Sunday evening and Monday morning broadcasts.

Monday Morning (11:38)
Sunday Evening 11 p.m. (17:04)

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