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Friday, March 14, 2008

CCP News!

We have some spaces left for our Creating a Culture of Peace workshops, April 18-20. We have awesome facilitators.

Did you catch the article in the JC Press?

Let me say it as though I were on the Motor Mile:

Don't You Dare Miss IT!!

For April 18-20 our facilitators will be Christy and Ted Gordon.

TED GORDON is an electrical engineer at the Consumer Product Safety Commission and a seminarian at Wesley Theological Seminary. He has studied issues of justice and peace for 30 years. Over the last several years he has been trying to combine contemplation and public witness—most recently at Los Alamos in New Mexico, the Pentagon, and the School of Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. Ted earned the CCP-trainer certificate April 2007, and he edits and ghostwrites for Father John Dear. He and Christy live with their two sons in Gaithersburg, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C.

CHRISTY GORDON, a psychotherapist, has her own practice in
Gaithersburg and serves the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America as a teacher of conflict resolution and as a counselor. For several years she was a member of Church of the Saviour’s Wellspring Conference Center, helping guide seekers on the spiritual journey. Later as a member of the Dayspring Silent Retreat Center, she led day-long retreats. A CCP trainer, Christy led a nine-week nonviolence seminar this past autumn. She and Ted have been married 27 years, and their getaway weekends have lately been at large gatherings protesting torture and war.

OK folks, you don't want to miss this. You won't get this kind of training for this kind of price anywhere. Thanks to our sponsors and our church board. Go to our website and scroll down for a registration form and more information.

Do this. It is good for you and for Earth.

If you would simply like to make a donation to help this cause, that would be swell. Send to:

First Presbyterian Church
119 West F Street
Elizabethton, TN 37643

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