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Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy War and Holy Week

Right smack in the middle of Holy Week, Wednesday, is the 5th anniversary of the start of Georgie's little war. There is something timely about that I suppose. Biblical scholars inform us that the Gospels were written during and after Rome's little war against the Jewish people in 66-70.

I am sure the Romans felt they were serving their gods by bringing peace and prosperity to the hinterlands. "Peace" and "prosperity" for some results in violent death for others when Empires decide who should live and die. Perhaps Jesus represents the crucifixion of all people struggling for freedom in that time.

During this week I thought I would post some songs as I find them for Holy Week and the Holy War brought on by those who think might makes right and that peace comes through military victory.

Here is that perennial rocker, John Fogerty. He was on David Letterman last year. Here is the clip from that performance.

He does most of "Long Dark Night" and a piece of "I Can't Take It No More." Get his album Revival.

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