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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Triune God is the Missing Link

Another creationism article in today's Johnson City Press:

Confirming creation

“Gentlemen, it is only a theory.”

These words were spoken by Charles Darwin during the controversy created when his material was being made public.

I agree with Mr. Darwin just as strongly as I disagree with Amy Wilson who says evolution is not a theory.
In a previous letter to the Press, I explained how God had created space, matter, light and time to be conceived as triune forms.

The Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) topped off all his creation with triune man (body, mind and soul).
I have given more thought to matter which is a trinity that appears in three forms — solid, liquid and gas — and is anything that has mass and occupies space. Whatever form it takes, whether wood, stone or some manmade substance, it is dependent upon the molecular structure.

But, guess what? The atom is the determining factor in the molecule. There are three parts to the atom: the electron, the proton and the nucleus. Again there is a trinity. Science has done more to confirm creation than it has to prove evolution.

Paleontologists are still looking for the fossil that will show beyond any doubt the transition from one species to another. They are looking for the missing link.
I have found it. It is God.


The Missing Link


  1. Here's something I don't understand. Isn't the Trinity saying that God is three persons, and yet one in essence? All are omnipotent, omniscience, with each possessing all attributes necessary for God?

    Because we can't say the same for the body/soul/spirit. The essence of each is not the same. The body does not possess the same attributes as the soul. Or with the atom -- the electron does not possess the same attributes as a proton. They're different. You wouldn't look at the electron and see the same thing as a proton, only with a different label.

    It gets even more bungled for me with the three forms -- by the very description, the solid state is not the same as a liquid state. One is firm, the other is fluid. They have distinctions.

  2. Actually,

    The ancient Hebrews and modern secular biology would both agree that body, soul and spirit are all one and the same. Distinct, just as personality is distinct, but one with the body nevertheless.

    But the atom has many more than just 3 subatomic "particles"

  3. Yikes. Is news really so slow in the Tri-Cities that this guy gets published every time he has another blinding flash?

    As Jodie correctly points out, there are many, many more subatomic particles than the "Holy Trinity" of protons, neutrons and electrons. These particles are in fact composites of even smaller particles--quarks and leptons.

    The bigger problem I have with his argument is this "general revelation" bingo. Sets of threes prove God is triune?

    Well, sure! There are three phases of matter: solid, liquid, gas (for water: ice, liquid, steam)!

    There are three branches in the American Government! In the Legislative, there are three positions of leadership in each house (Speaker/President, Majority Leader, Majority Whip)!

    There are three feet in a yard!

    When we celebrate holidays, we get three days off from work!

    There are three lanes of traffic each way on US 45 in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and if you add 4 and 5, you get 9, which is three times three!

    A fun way for both you AND your spouse to commit adultery simultaneously is called a three-way!

    Give me a break.

    You can also find all sorts of non-three combinations in nature (one of the more controversial in fundamentalist circles is π, pi, at 3.141594654...).

    This weird kind of general revelation logic is a great case in point of the error in using natural law to make such a point. You end up making incredibly wrong observations in nature to get a result that justifies your preconceived notions about something that is not actually found in Scripture. If anything, what this guy's engaged in is an idolatry of the number 3.

    It's the cult of Sesame Street! Our gods are J, C, and the number 3 (and we are conveniently located in Johnson City--see, proof we are blessed by God!).