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Saturday, March 08, 2008

First Presbyterian to be on WCYB-Bristol

Channel 5, WCYB, came to Elizabethton this morning for a story about Creating a Culture of Peace. They tell us you can catch the story tonight at 6 and 11 on WCYB and at 10 on Fox-Tri-Cities.

The Johnson City Press will be here tomorrow. This means that slots will be filling up quickly for our two remaining workshops, April 4-6 and April 18-20.

If you have not sent in your registration, you oughtta hop on that, partner.

In other peace news, I mentioned that we are hosting a prayer vigil on March 19th.

Plus, bloggers can participate in the March 19th Blogswarm.

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  1. I saw most of the story on WCYB tonight. Way to go buddy, way to get all peaceful on our asses.