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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Achmed: The Classical Presbyterian

1. Call upon all those within the church who cannot teach what we have repeatedly affirmed about sexuality in accordance with Scripture to cease their disobedience and be silent on this issue.

Or in other words....



  1. Then I am going to start a campaign to change slavery laws so I can have an indentured servant. I don't have money to pay a fair wage, we can also put a space heater in the shed in the back. I am lookin at this laundry and there is a lot of work to do! Home improvements I want to do as well, but haven't the time. An indentured servant would be perfect. Thanks, Classical Presbyterian!

  2. That's funny, in a classical sort of way.

    ->going back to working on my vow of silence now<-

  3. I'm still trying to figure out how they'll enforce this rule of silence. The Holy Duct Tape of the Reformation, perhaps?

    Of course, it's all out of love. ;)

  4. The "we won so the rest of you shut up or leave" proposal was presented to GA a few years ago I recall.

    It didn't fly then and it won't now of course.

  5. Of course it won't.

    I'm not surprised they want LGBT people to shut up and leave. They've just never been so direct about it before. To put that in writing seems at the least, amazingly impolitic, and at the most astoundingly stupid. I wonder how many moderates think that "shut up and get out" is a reasonable position, even if they disagree with LGBT ordination? My guess would be that they see that for the fascist power-grab that it obviously is.

    These moves of desperation on their part have paid off handsomely for us this year, as we see by the vote count. I still think it's possible to win the popular vote this time around, even if we don't win the majority of Presbyteries, and that will be, we must admit, not only due to our own amazing work this time around -- more organized and dedicated and energized than ever -- but also due to the hate and bigotry from the other side.

    "Shut up and get out" indeed.

    Make me.

  6. The point Toby and those who agree with him miss is that those who support the new amend B don't do so only for this so-called "gay agenda" and that those with the so-call "gay agenda" love the PCUSA as much as he. I am willing to stick with it amongst those with whom I have deep disagreements. I do so because Christ demands we stay together and that we allow our ideology and personalities be shaped by the direction of the Spirit. By the way, the Spirit often does not take us where we want to go, the Spirit takes us where we are called to go.

  7. What Drew said.

    I was thinking the same thing. Why is it that we want to preserve the PCUSA with all of it's opposing views, while they say, if you don't agree with us, we're outahere? (Us and Them, I hate that)