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Saturday, March 21, 2009

B a Hero

Here is the latest B buzz. So far today, four yeses and two nos.


  1. Newark-- 42-8. This is actually a flip. I don't know what was up with them in 2001.
  2. Grand Canyon-- 98-93. That was a hold. The votes were down on this one from last time, but they still came through blue.
  3. Mackinac-- yeah baby, flip! 44-32 from a 'no' voice vote last time.
  4. West Virginia-- 93-56, another flipper!


  1. Northumberland-- 20-58. Oops. That was worse than last time. This one has always been yellow.
  2. Redstone-- 46-75. Not a bad showing from an historically yellow presbytery.


We need a hero.

We actually need 36 heroic presbyteries to go blue. To inspire the rest of you, here is Bonnie Tyler. Don't tell my congregation, but I am going to play part of this for them tomorrow:

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  1. ha ha - the irony of the opening lyrics "where have all the good men gone?" as it relates to the subject of the post - you helped bring a smile to a particularly rough weekend :)