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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Three for B!!

Update 9:44 p.m. Make that six for B! Six presbyteries voted. Six voted yes on B. Just received reports that in addition to those below, Susquehanna Valley, Genesee Valley, and New York City also voted yes today.

Score: 62-81

Great news from Michael Adee of More Light Presbyterians:

March 28. Three more Presbyteries approved the 218th General Assembly's Ordination Amendment 08-B including 2 more presbyteries flipping from opposition in 2001-2 to approval today.

The presbyteries of Western New York, Grace Presbytery (northeast Texas), and Philadelphia voted YES today on 08-B. While Western New York is a traditionally supportive presbytery, Grace and Philadelphia presbyteries became the 24th and 25th presbyteries to flip. Western New York took "No Action" in 2001-2, so this presbytery could indeed be considered the "third flip" of the day.

We are working to verify the official votes in each presbytery, and the counts reported so far are:

Grace Presbytery: 202 YES, 183 NO, with 6 abstentions.
Philadelphia Presbytery: 152 YES, 139 NO.
I am really thrilled about Philadelphia and Grace. Both of these presbyteries, until today, have consistently voted against equality.

After the silliness surrounding the Lisa Larges decision (gotta know exactly when to scruple) people are realizing that we must remove these obstacles for ordination rather than make qualified candidates run through endless gauntlets. We are still in this.

The score is 59-81.

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  1. Make it 60-81. Susquehanna Valley approved 08-B by a 2-to-1 majority today. Thank God.