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Monday, March 09, 2009

Presbyterian Geekiness is the New Groovy

Bruce Hahne has a wrap up of Amendment B for the week of March 1-7. I really enjoy his stats and commentary. He sounds this hopeful note:
One important trend this week is that presbyteries shifting pro-equality in their vote percentages totally overwhelmed presbyteries shifting anti-equality. Only North Central Iowa shifted anti-LGBT in its vote this week, and the overall ratio of pro-LGBT-vote-shift to anti-LGBT-vote-shift presbyteries is now well above 3 to 1. To me, these voting percentage shifts are more important to track than the total presbytery vote count, since the shifts tell us where the PCUSA is headed ideologically. It's extremely clear at this point that we have a very strong pro-equality voting trend within the denomination. Regardless of how the final presbytery vote tally comes out on 08-B, it's now obvious that G6.0106b is going to be out of the denomination's constitution within the next few years.

Speaking of the Bruces of our lives,
our moderator, Bruce Reyes-Chow is hosting another MODcast.

This one is about the amendments and appointments to the various task forces the General Assembly created. Here are the details:

DATE: Tuesday, March 10, 2009
LOCATION: Your computer
SHOW LINK: on uStream*

You are invited to join once again for an hour of online conversations, community building and outright Presbyterian geekiness.

In this episode of the newly named MODcast, we will as always begin with a little moderatorial updating, and with the sharing of prayers and in between will talk about the recently completed task force and study group appointments, the voting on some of the amendments and if we have time some random questions.

We do have a thoroughly modern moderator.

Oops, I should say post-modern moderator.

He doesn't look like "the man."

He is the post-mod squad.

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