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Friday, March 20, 2009

Lisa Larges On Trial

Update 10 pm EST: Trial has moved to closing arguments. Now we await the decision. According to Billerico:
The Commission has ruled that Lisa's testimony is not relevant to the case, and she will therefore not be allowed to testify.
Follow for the decision and updates.

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Just got back from vacation. It was very relaxing. Got some reading in, time with Lovely and saw Blackbeard's house. Now that Blackbeard knew the Shuck and Jive I tell you. They got him in the end, though.

More on all of that later. The reason for this post is that when I popped on Twitter I noticed that Lisa Larges is having her trial today, at this moment. I am a big fan of Lisa's. So are many others.

She has been seeking ordination in the PCUSA since the Reagan administration I think. She has all the qualifications. And she is lesbian and is open and honest about it.

The Bilerico Project is live blogging the trial:

Lisa Larges, a graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary, was blocked from ordination in 1992 by a court decision of the Presbyterian Church (USA) because she was honest about being a lesbian. Larges has continued seeking ordination and today - starting at noon - a hearing will decide if Larges' ordination will move forward or be appealed to the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission of the Presbyterian Church, the highest church court. A decision is likely to be announced the weekend after the hearing.

Although the ban against gay and lesbian ordination stands, a change in the church's national policy allows individual exceptions if a candidate submits a statement of conscience against the prohibition. Larges was the first to submit a statement of conscience and was approved to move forward in the ordination process. The hearing on March 20 will rule on charges claiming that while persons can dissent to theological views about gays and lesbians, they cannot be ordained as open and "practicing" unrepentant gays or lesbians.

Here is a story on CBS News earlier today.

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- A San Francisco woman who for two decades has sought to become the first openly lesbian Presbyterian minister made her case before a church court on Friday.

Lisa Larges candidacy to lead a congregation has twice been approved by regional church authorities only to be rejected each time at the national level. But she refuses to give up.

“The church is changing and it’s clear that the next generation coming up of faithful, Bible-breathing Christians doesn’t think that this is an issue,” she said.

Rev. Janet Edwards (who is no stranger to church trials on behalf of justice) has a new blog! Go Janet. She comments on Lisa's case:
Lisa embodies the openness and honesty that Jesus expects of us. She brings to mind His words in Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” While she has waited for the church to catch up with God, GLBT people have been ordained to deacon, elder and minister in a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” mode that sullies us all. Even a conservative presbytery like mine knows that there are stalwart, gifted ministers among us who are gay, and lesbian, serving faithfully in the church.
It is all happening now. You can follow on That All May Freely Serve on Twitter.

Interesting note about that. Apparently live blogging and twittering has been banned from the "court room." But...they sneak out into the hallway and do it. Shuck and Jive award to WillyMac4!

What is up for grabs of this moment is whether or not Lisa will get to testify on her own behalf.

One would think, eh?

Check the links above for updates and I will update as I find new info.

Prayers are with you, Lisa!

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