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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Super Tuesday

I received the word that amendment B did pretty well yesterday.

Flips from "no" in 2001-2002 to Yes!

Transylvania, 84-61 (50-83 no last time)
Eastminster, 60-39-2 (54-65 no last time)

Continued Yes!

Lake Michigan, 94-42-2 (82-59 yes last time)
New Brunswick, 95-44 (103-50 yes last time)

Continued No but increased yes votes:

Riverside 42-53 (18-94 no last time)

Continued a consistent no:

San Gabriel 79-136 (97-181 last time)

Continued no with anti-lgbt shift

Nevada 13-59 (20-41 last time)

The score is now 42-69.

Here are some of the vote charts:

Presbyterian Welcome
Covenant Network
Bruce Hahne
Presbyterian Coalition


  1. In most cases we are continuing to trend to a more biblical perspective in the church by approving the new B. That's hopeful.