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Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Rapture That Almost Was

Since we are reading Barbara Rossing's book on the Rapture, The Rapture Exposed beginning this coming Thursday, I thought I would like post an index to a series I did about a year and half ago when we almost had the Rapture.

Jesus changed his mind at the last minute. He could change his mind again. It could happen tomorrow. So you'll want to be prepared by reading this important series.
Here are the links to "The Rapture that Almost Was:"
  1. The Rapture Will Occur on July 7, 2007
  2. The Comings and Goings of Jesus
  3. Rapture Update!
  4. When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops?
  5. What Does Heaven Look Like?
  6. The Antichrist Revealed!
  7. Jesus and His Ride
  8. This is It!
  9. Live Earth Concert in Heaven!
  10. It's Past Time: Still No Jesus
  11. We Have Heard from Jesus!
  12. Rapture Wrap-Up
  13. Rapture Wrap-Up Part 2
Got License Plate?


  1. I'm going to get a bumper sticker that says, "In case of Rapture, I'll be driving your car. (If it's nicer than the one I've got.)"

  2. How about "In case of Rapture, sure, I'll feed your dog"?

  3. I think there was supposed to be a space between the "P" and the "T".

  4. For a truly objective and conclusive refutation of the “secret pre-Trib. Rapture of the Saints,” check out

  5. Has anyone seen the new Hal Lindsey production? Just Google "The NEWEST Pretrib Calendar." Lots of shocks!