Shuck and Jive

Monday, March 02, 2009

Yellowstone Passes Amendment B!

I just got the word from a friend in Yellowstone Presbytery:
Yellowstone Presbytery voted this evening in favor of Amendment 08-B by a vote of 25 yes, 23 no, 1 abstain. I can hardly believe it. The Holy Spirit was definitely in the midst of our discussion and voting.
I am especially pleased as Yellowstone was where I served last. We had quite a go of it in 2002 when the presbytery voted against the change. They have voted "yellow" every previous time. Now, we will have to call them "Bluestone Presbytery." Way to witness, old friends!


  1. John! I think that your note to your friends here in Yellowstone Presbytery did the trick! I talked to so many people who were "reinspired" by your message!
    Thanks, for once again reminding us of the inspiration you brought to us during your years in Billings!

  2. Oh Pat! It is so good to hear from you! You are one of the bright spots!