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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Skyscraper Crosses

A church in Texas dedicated its cross the other day. The cross is a behemoth, 170 feet tall. It is taller than the space shuttle and the Statue of Liberty. Neighbors complain that it is lit all night. The preacher said they wanted to build one 250 feet high but the FAA wouldn't let them.

One resident says it is "an in your face thing. It's overkill."

Church members say it is a sign of God's forgiveness.

Personally, I think it is a sign of the gaudiness of Gaud's people.

H/T Unreasonable Faith


  1. Wimps.

  2. Ha! They beat the Texans by 28 feet! That's gotta hurt to be second-best. I guess they don't love Jesus in Texas. You would think they would do more for him rather than leave him 28 feet short.

  3. When traveling cross-country to CA I saw many things, including the 190ft tall cross in Groom, TX. It's visible from miles away and dwarfs everything around it. You said it right--it's an example of the gaudiness of God's people.

  4. The cross in Effingham has been there for years. Those wimps in Texas didn't even try. What would Sam Houston say?

  5. Modern day version of the tower of Babel.

  6. One of the megachurches here in Bristol erected a giant, lighted cross right along the freeway.

    It was meant to minister to the many heathens who travel through and around Bristol.

    I was assigned to do a story about it. It was one of the most nauseating jobs I've yet to do, and I've covered some gory, gutwrenching stories.

    I tried to balance the story by finding someone – anyone – who'd take issue with it. No one would do so publicly for fear of being labeled anti-Christian or, even worse, an agent of the evil one.

    The 18-ton, 100-foot-tall monstrosity was built, according to the pastor, "to remind people that Christ died for our sins on the cross. ... You can’t look at it without being reminded that he died for our sins 2,000 years ago."

    No, preacher, I can't look at it without being reminded that your particular brand of all-or-nothing, believe-exactly-as-I-believe Christianity is here to stay. That saddens me more than anyone will ever know.

    If you dare, here is the monstrosity in all its glory.

    Peace to all.

  7. As an aside, the church spent so much money on that metal eyesore.

    Think of how many bowls of soup, how many blankets, how many malaria nets, how many wells, how many vaccines that money could have financed.

    Sorry, but I have to stop thinking about it. It sickens me.

  8. Ha! One of the comments on YouTube about this cracked me up!

    "Do these people really think that if Jesus comes back a big f!@%ing cross is the first thing he'll want to see?"

  9. Lee,

    Post that link again. It goes nowhere. I was looking for a pic of that cross.

    I think you hit on something really important. When I see it I am not reminded of "Jesus and his love' but of the aggressive message, 'we want to be in charge of your life.'

  10. That thing gives me the creeps every time I drive by it. It feels like a stake through the spiritual chest of Christianity.

  11. The one on I81 in Bristol has bugged me for years. What a monumental symbol of self-righteousness. You can find much better uses for limited resources!