Shuck and Jive

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Amendment A By Bullet Point

  • A number of presbyteries voted on Amendment A today.
  • It appears that none of them switched from their 2008 vote.
  • Here is a handy little chart.
  • And a chart with a bit more detail.
  • The score is 34 yes to 29 no.
  • The amendment needs 87 affirmative votes to pass. Ties count as a no.
  • 53 more presbyteries need to vote yes for "A" to pass.
  • 110 presbyteries yet to vote altogether.
  • Of those 110, 49 voted yes in 2008.
  • We need 9 presbyteries who voted 'no' or 'tie' in 2008 to flip to yes.
  • We have had 6 flips so far.
  • 1 backward flip.
  • That means 5 net flips so far.
  • We need 4 more "net flips".
  • There are easily 15 presbyteries that can potentially flip for justice.
  • There are even more presbyteries that can go the other way too.
  • We need to work hard in every presbytery.
  • We celebrate every YES!
  • And take nothing for granted.
  • Those are your bullet points for today. : )


  1. Thanks for the wrap-up! So helpful for those who care, but can't keep up as much as we'd like to!

    Much appreciated!

  2. Projection has gone up to 93-80.