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Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt Is Free!

Incredible news today that Mubarak has stepped down. None is happier than Dr. Ahmed Atiya of Johnson City. I know Dr. Atiya through the United Religions Initiative. Two articles have been written about him in the Johnson City Press. One earlier this week and this one today:

When Dr. Ahmed Atyia finished talking to his brother back in Cairo Thursday night, he was almost certain his family would face danger as the protests turned to violence, following President Hosni Mubarak’s speech in which he announced he would not step down after ruling over the country for nearly three decades.

“I called him last night after the speech about 11 o’clock, really because I was worried this might be the last time I talk to him again,” Atyia said Friday afternoon.

After a rather sleepless night, Atyia woke up and couldn’t believe that within about 11 hours Mubarak finally bowed to the people’s demands and resigned, handing power to the military.

“I’m glad he resigned. I’m glad he stepped down. Hopefully the Egyptian people will start building again their future,” he said, barely able to hold the smiles as he expressed his joy in seeing his country stand up to Mubarak’s regime. (more)
Dr. Atiya is going to speak about Egypt and what this means on Sunday at the Johnson City Public Library at 4 p.m.

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