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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Votes This Week on Amendment A

Amendment A is getting closer to passage. The score is 37-30. We need nine net flips and so far have five to pass this historic amendment for justice.

Thanks to Chicago, Maumee Valley, and Scioto Valley for strong yes votes on Tuesday! It was a heartbreaker in Memphis last week as Mid-South lost by a vote of 48-49. Who is feeling guilty for not showing up for that presbytery meeting? Thanks to all there who put out the effort, though. Mid South came a lot closer than they did in 2008 when they also voted against justice.

Is the message clear: Every Vote Counts?

Big votes coming this week:

Those voting YES in 2008 that we need to hold:

Hudson River, Arkansas, Greater Atlanta, John Knox, New Hope, and Northern Waters.

Those voting NO in 2008 that we we are working to flip:

Savannah, Olympia, South Alabama, Lake Erie, North Alabama, Palo Duro, and Pines.

We are going to do this, beloveds.

Don't get distracted by the Big Whiny Baby Boys and their cheering section.

They are mildly amusing and it is entertaining to have fun with them. But don't take them seriously. All that their "deathly ill" pomposity amounts to is a big bag of gas that wants attention.

It is critical to put our love, focus, phone calls and Get Out the Vote activism to pass amendment A. We have been working for decades for this opportunity.

Now is the time.

No equality-minded person can dare miss this vote!


  1. Kate Bush sings: "I just know that something good is going to happen ... I don't know when" in Cloudbusting.

    I look forward to our denomination proclaiming the Good News that we are truly an accepting, welcoming and affirming church. As you know, my Presbytery and your former Presbytery (Utica) has voted overwhelmingly in favor of openness for many years. We're waiting for the rest of you to simply get this one right. We're getting close.

    I love your efforts, John, on behalf of those who have been persecuted for so long, GLBT human beings.

    love, john +
    + Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world are seeking each other, so that the world may come into being. -- Teilhard de Chardin

  2. Heh. "Cheering section."

    The BFTSs fell all over themselves last week *criticizing* the Tall Steeple pastors (particularly for daring to mention CovNet in their letter.) Then once the rest of the church dared to respond, now the BFTSs are falling all over themselves whining and complaining about how awful these poor, benighted tall steeple pastors are being treated. (I'd be happy to take that treatment at $150K a year. Where do I sign up?) These are, of course, the same BFTSs who call anyone who dares to disagree with them apostate, heretics and gay demons. But you know, calling the queers names is all done in *loooove*.

    It's sad that the only thing they apparently have going for them is fighting the gays.

    A tiger can't change its stripes, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and the Gladys Kravitzes of our denomination are always going to be BFTS, so I wonder who their next target will be after 10A passes. Anyone want to place bets? Who's going to be next on their hate-genda?

  3. I was out of the country. BUT, the original presbytery announcement of the vote was that it would be in May. There are at least 5 of us who had planned to be out of town and would have voted yes, had the original presbytery announcement been correct. Not that I'm p'oed or anything. (MidWouth)

  4. @Joan Ouch. Those things are inevitable.

  5. "BUT, the original presbytery announcement of the vote was that it would be in May. "

    Unfortunately there's no telling if that was just an honest mistake or not.

    However, I will say that in our Presbytery some years back, one of these votes was held and it passed. Then after nearly everyone had left, someone made a motion to reconsider. (Which fortunately was defeated.) This also isn't the first time I've heard of votes being rescheduled at the last moment in order to try to make sure the other side had it's act together or to try to outflank us.

    Never forget the sorts of parliamentary tricks that can be played in these votes and keep on guard!

  6. I'm glad to hear you are working for a flip in North Alabama (my home Presbytery). I think we may have an outside chance this year, particularly since our neighbor, Mid-South, was so close and they were more spread on 08-B than we were. I'll be casting my vote on Saturday.