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Monday, February 21, 2011

Voting on Amendment A This Week!

Here are the presbyteries voting on Amendment A this week.

Please keep the good folks in these presbyteries in mind. If you are an equality-minded person from one of these presbyteries please get to the meeting and get others there too!

If you know someone from one of these presbyteries, shoot them an e-mail, a facebook message, a tweet, a phone call, a smoke signal, or scream loudly out your front door that they need to get to that meeting and get others there too!

We are ahead 46-34...


If the remaining presbyteries voted as they did in 2008-09 we would lose by one!

This margin WILL NARROW
as many presbyteries who previously voted NO are yet to vote. There are likely to be some switches from YES to NO. We need even more switches from no to YES and to hold the YESes!

This could come down to one vote in one presbytery.

Don't be the "one" who missed the meeting!

Here is the schedule for this week and it will be tough:

  • Tuesday, Detroit and Wabash Valley
  • Tuesday or Wednesday, Western Colorado
  • Friday, South Dakota (postponed from Monday due to snow) and Tres Rios
  • Friday or Saturday, Yukon

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