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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amendment A Update!

The presbyteries of Detroit and Wabash Valley both voted yes today!

Both increased their YES to no percentage!

Very good work folks!!

Wabash Valley 66-42
Detroit 113-66

More Light has our score 48-34.
The Biblical Reclaimers have Suroeste voting
No making the score 48-35.

The remainder of the presbyteries to vote this week except for Tres Rios all voted NO last time. Tres Rios was close. It will be important to hold Tres Rios and get at least one flip from the remainder. If you know someone in one of these presbyteries, now would be the time to encourage him or her to come to the meeting. One vote makes the difference!

  • Tuesday or Wednesday, Western Colorado
  • Friday, South Dakota (postponed from Monday due to snow) and Tres Rios
  • Friday or Saturday, Yukon
  • Saturday, Tampa Bay


  1. Covnet says the following are also voting this weekend:

    Central Nebraska, Central Washington, East Tennessee, Indian Nations, Mackinac, Northeast Georgia, Sacramento, San Fernando, Santa Fe, and Flint River.

  2. o,O, O, Sacramento, Sacramento, make my day!

  3. We should all pray that East Tennessee and Mackinac hang on to their flip from 08-B and that Indian Nations and Sacramento flip to yes.

    Maybe when Saturday is over Ms. V.L. will see the light and stop cavorting with the devil. I just loved the way she referred to Margaret Thomas’ paper as “a rant”. She wished Margaret had made her argument based upon faith rather than polity. The problem is, as I see it, she could dismiss that kind of argument out of hand because she’s apparently not willing to concede we have faith in the same God. That makes me think she can’t refute her on a polity basis. (

  4. Those are four good predictions.

    Well...Kattie, as Vi likes to say to me, I'll say to you:

    "The love of Jesus is still waiting there for you."

  5. Do you think we should let her know that she's not as Orthodox as she seems to think she is? I don't know, on second thought, maybe we ought to let her have that delusion. When I'm her age, I think I would like the privilege of being able to make the same claim.

  6. So far today (Saturday--Feb 26):

    Three flips!!
    Sacramento YES!
    Indian Nations YES!
    Central Nebraska YES!

    Holding on to YES!
    East Tennessee

    Holding on to no
    Northeast Georgia