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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rally Today!!

Thanks to the Johnson City Press for posting about our rally which will take place in just about an hour on the intersection on North Roan by First Tennessee Bank. Here is the story:
A private citizen not connected with the Johnson City Education Association has organized a demonstration today to show support for teachers and union members in light of pending state legislation educators say will affect their salaries, tenure status and teacher and student performance.

Steve Denton created a page on Facebook in which he called for the demonstration from noon to 2 p.m. today in front of First Tennessee Bank on North Roan Street.

Denton says educators and unions are under attack from corporations and conservative politicians.

“I want to show people in this area there are people here other than Republicans,” Denton said by telephone Friday afternoon. “I’m just a private citizen. JCEA is not involved in this, it’s just a grass-roots movement for people that have taken it on the chin for 30 years.” (Read more)
Join us at noon today. Here are more details on the Facebook page.

Then tonight, join us at FPC Elizabethton for a concert to benefit LEAF and organization working to save Tennessee's mountains from mountain top removal strip mining. Here are those details.

Today is a good day to do some rousin'.


  1. What a great rally! Over 200 people in support of teachers/unions/working people! Pics to come!

  2. Even though the newspaper misquoted me, they did a better job with the story than WJHL did.