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Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week On Amendment A

Following a productive weekend, we have another challenge for Amendment A and for justice in the PC(USA). Thanks to CovNet for the schedule:
  • on Tuesday, March 1: North Central Iowa, West Virginia, Yellowstone
  • on Friday, March 4: Mission
  • on Saturday, March 5: Grace, Northern New England, Ohio Valley.
These were the votes last time:

Grace 203-182 (need to hold)
Northern New England 57-30 (need to hold)
Ohio Valley 57-44 (need to hold)
West Virginia 93-56 (need to hold)
Yellowstone 25-23 **(need to hold)**

Mission 181-181 **(this one needs to flip)**
North Central Iowa 31-60 (so does this one, but a longer shot)

Check the vote charts here, here, and here.


  1. Oh goodie goodie. One step closer to becoming the First Church of Sodom. Oh happy day!

  2. Joe,
    If that's what you really want, I guess we can't stop you, but I would sincerely warn against it.

  3. Unlike the people of Sodom, Joe, most LGBT people I know are QUITE hospitable. I wouldn't worry if I were you.

  4. I'm curious...
    Do we have any reports of 10-A supporting commissioners overtly registering their dissent with their Stated Clerk after their presbytery voted 10-A down?

    News flash!!!
    War has been declared, and they're afraid it might get ugly. I don't know what they have in mind for us, but I'm not worried. The truth is on our side even though history has not been. It's strange though that this war didn't get declared until after East Tennessee and Sacramento voted yes on 10-A.

    Snad, I wonder if inhospitality is what they have in store for us. Could it possibly be gang rape??!!! That could indeed get very ugly. Do they really want to get toasted?

  5. Not sure what you mean, Kattie. I have very little knowledge of how the PC9USA) deals with deep disagreements. I honestly don't understand why it would be such a big deal to any church, since they still have the privilege of accepting or rejecting any ordained minister. No one is being required to have a gay minister, or perform gay weddings, from what I understand.

    If they want to "go to war", and waste MORE time and MORE resources and MORE effort on something like this, suppose they can. Looking at the way our economy is about to collapse, though and how the proverbial hand-basket is already SRO, it seems there are lots of other things that should be drawing their attention.

    It seems like they are untrained dogs and gay ordination is a squirrel running across their back yard - they just can't help but be distracted by it.

  6. Snad,
    Our governing bodies allow for dissenting individuals to have their dissent officially recorded by the Stated Clerk. I've heard of some on the Anti-10-A side (at least one in East Tennessee Presbytery) having their dissent officially recorded, but I haven't heard of any on the Pro-10-A side doing so. I was wondering if such dramatic behavior was predominantly one sided on this issue. It just seems a little over the top since these folks already have the right to take time to speak their minds, and then they take even more meeting time to strut up to the Stated Clerk to register what they already expressed.
    To be fair, I do recall the short and out of order demonstration that was staged at a plenary session of the last GA by a pro gay marriage group, so I know drama exists both on the left and the right, but that's not quite the same thing.