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Saturday, February 05, 2011

PCUSA: Don't Lose Focus on Amendment A

The big steeple lads got exactly what they wanted. They distracted the church with their latest threats so that we would focus on them rather than on the task at hand. The task at hand is to pass Amendment A.

This is the best chance we have ever had to end this unjust, discriminatory, harmful policy. The opposition is pulling out every tactic in the book, and this letter from the big steeple boys about how our denomination is "deathly ill" and we have to do it their way or else, is nothing but a tactic.

The PC (U.S.A.) is on the right course. Many progressive, inclusive congregations are serving their communities and working in partnership with higher governing bodies. We are now close to completing a long trek toward justice not just for LGBT people but for the whole church.

Have no fear, the big boys will get plenty of air time. We can all wring our hands over the future of the denomination whenever we want. For the next few months we all need to focus, make phone calls, and make amendment A a reality.

It appears that snow has caused Newark to postpone its vote on amendment A until March. East Iowa and St. Augustine vote today.

Let's show them, my progressive friends, that this denomination is not "deathly ill." The church of Christ is much more than big numbers and big budgets. I am proud to be PC (U.S.A.) and of its stand for social justice, peacemaking, compassion, science, and faith.

Get active and involved and let's end Don't Ask, Don't Tell this year!


  1. You hang in there, John. Even if Amendment A doesn't succeed this year, victory is inevitable. As Christians continue to abandon it, the PCUSA's institutional retreat from the faith can only accelerate, and the proportion of progressives can only increase.

    For those of us who have already left, there would be a bright side to passage of Amendment A. Each progressive blunder brings the enormity of the PCUSA's apostasy home to more and more remaining Christians and helps them to understand that they who are light have no part in the darkness that has overtaken them. This in turn will hasten the denomination's downward spiral and shrink the the number of seekers and careless believers who are in mortal danger of being misled by progressives like you.

    You are correct that the PCUSA (which does not equate to the church of Christ) "is much more than big numbers and big budgets." But perhaps you'll agree that as the numbers and budgets approach 0, as they have for decades, they will begin to take on some importance.

  2. I will hang in there, thanks!

    O how I love misleading people into the dark downward spiral of apostasy and mortal danger.

    Come with me. You know you want to.

  3. Yes, it's obvious that you love it. But no, I don't want to go where you're going.