Shuck and Jive

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama!

Who'd a thunk it?

Both the presbyteries of North and South Alabama voted for equality and justice today and approved Amendment A!

Let's give them an award!

Here is the rundown for the day thanks to Covenant Network and More Light Presbyterians.

Those holding on to YES:
Arkansas 120-42
Northern Waters 39-14
Greater Atlanta 262-157-5
New Hope 158-118
John Knox 60-19

Those holding on to No:
Pines 36-44
Palo Duro 35-50
Lake Erie 36-44

Those flipping from no to YES!
North Alabama 36-28
South Alabama 34-33

Those flipping from yes to no:

Here is the More Light Vote Chart and the CovNet Chart, and John McCrosky's chart!

The score is now 46-34 with eight net flips. If we retain the remaining yeses and flip one more no to yes, amendment A will pass. We have a lot of work ahead of us! Thanks to all for the work that has been done!


  1. Yeah, I am waiting for her to come by so I can congratulate her!

  2. Thanks Jodie and John, but I actually didn't get up and say a word. It was all said by others better than I could have. I was, however, one of the temporary clerks who counted the ballots. I got to be one of four who saw it first.

    We also passed nFOG 52-12.

    All in all, a very good day!

  3. There she is!

    Kudos on your counting! I haven't been paying much attention to the new form of government or Belhar even as I am in favor of both.

    A good day for sure!

  4. We passed Belhar back in October. Only 3 votes against as I recall. I was one of the temporary clerks for that one too.
    It's been exciting to watch this Presbytery turn around.