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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Amendment A Reaches a Milestone

More good news regarding equality. Two more presbyteries approved Amendment A today. Salem in North Carolina approved the amendment, 186-107-2 and Eastern Oregon voted YES 18-9.

The tally is now 78-58.

37 presbyteries are left to vote. Of those 37, if nine vote YES, then "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is outta here and the Presbyterian Church (USA) will finally put an end to its discriminatory policy against non-married people.

CovNet reminds us that 78 yes votes is a milestone. The vote chart from 2008-2009 shows that 78 were all the yeses we received last time the PC (USA) had a chance to do the right thing. We are in much better shape this time and we need to follow the example of good folks all over the country from Carolina to Oregon.

I have four more good resources on the sidebar to help you make the case in your presbytery.

  1. Brian Spolarich: What Will Amendment 10A Mean If Passed?
  2. Katie Turpin: When Exclusions and Fears Disappear, the Fruits of the Spirit Are Planted
  3. Rev. Janet Edwards: It Is My Joy to Introduce You to My Uncles
  4. Rev. Mark Sandlin: Honestly, We Already Ordain Homosexuals
Coming up:

April 12th:
  • Northern Kansas (YES last time 71-23)
  • San Francisco (no last time 167-177-4)
April 16th
  • De Cristo (YES last time 59-48)
We should get three YESes from that bunch including a flip from San Francisco.

Life is good.

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