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Friday, April 08, 2011

Gender-Neutral Housing at ETSU

This was on the front page of today's Johnson City Press, ETSU Looks Into Gender-Neutral Housing.
Joe Sherlin, ETSU vice provost and dean of students, said this housing option has been pursued by other schools across the nation. ETSU’s department of housing and residence life is looking at those models to see how such an arrangement would conceivably work....

....The resolution to investigate implementing a gender neutral campus was approved by the Student Government Association this spring. It was supported by the campus lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization LGBTies and the ETSU Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. About 3,000 students live on campus at ETSU.

Sherlin said the intent of a gender neutral housing option is to allow students to have a roommate with whom they feel most comfortable. For undergraduate students living on campus, roommates are typically assigned at random and are of the same sex. Separate housing is available for married students, students with children or graduate students.
A good idea. You can read more about gender-neutral housing at Campus Progress.

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