Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lehigh Holds and Florida FLIPS!

Another great day for Amendment A!

Two presbyteries voted and two voted YES!

Lehigh held on to its support for equality by approving A, 68-48-1.

And Florida?

Flipped! 49-36!

Let's give Florida a FLIPPER!

The Presbytery of Florida is the 17th presbytery to flip from a no to a YES!

Nicely done.

The tally is now 82-59.

We need five more YESes to get to 87 and get rid of that nasty B in our bonnet.

Here is the remaining schedule.

The next two presbyteries to vote on Saturday are Missouri River Valley and National Capital. We are looking to hold them both. So get out the vote (especially in Missouri River Valley!)


  1. And Detroit passed Belhar last night. Don't remember the exact numbers but it was something like 77-38 or there'bouts.

  2. I like that Belhar Confession. I used the ending of it in worship one Sunday. Hope it passes. We vote on it in June.

  3. 2/3 majority is a pretty high hurdle. And given that, unfortunately, many commissioner's inclination is to vote "no" (rather than abstain) when they don't understand or haven't read something, I think it's unlikely to pass, but I'm hopeful.

  4. This could take another go around. Even having a majority would be a good start. Do you know where are we with that Heidelberg change?

  5. I don't. It sort of fell off my radar. I bet Janet Edwards knows though.

    Heidelberg is another interesting case given that Belhar is likely to be accepted by the CRC and RCA, and the "new" translation of Heidelberg already is.

    So, two far more truly conservative denominations than ours may (or have) already adopted confessions our far right is too faux-conservative to adopt.

  6. National Capital YES 204-80-3.

    Tally 83-59.