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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

South Louisiana FLIPS!

That is what we needed!

After a negative switch earlier in the week from Minnesota Valleys and no positive flips since Donegal a few weeks ago, South Louisiana did justice up right by voting in favor of Amendment A, 46-28!

Give South Louisiana a FLIPPER!

This is especially interesting as South Louisiana was the clinching vote that killed the equality vote last time around.

Nice work, everyone!

Earlier today Southern Kansas voted no, 33-63-2.

The tally is 76-58.

Eleven more to go!

Coming up:

April 9th:
  • Boise (no last time 25-34)
  • Eastern Oregon (YES last time 22-6)
  • Salem (YES last time 156-149-1)
April 12th:
  • Northern Kansas (YES last time 71-23)
  • San Francisco (no last time 167-177-4)
April 16th
  • De Cristo (YES last time 59-48)
We need to hold Eastern Oregon, Salem, Northern Kansas, and De Cristo. We need to flip Boise and San Francisco!

We can do this.
Get out the vote.
Get to the meeting.
Make a phone call to friends.
Speak the truth!


  1. SAN FRANCISCO voted "No"?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    How is that even possible?

  2. If I remember the history correctly, there was, believe, some sort of conference going on at the same time as the vote which took a number of supporters out of town.

    Hopefully that won't happen again, eh?

  3. Conference or not, there is no excuse for missing a vote on equality.

    This means you, San Francisco.

  4. It looks like Boise won't vote until May.